[WJI611] Plastic Lint Remover Heavy Quality


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Material: plastic??
Product Weight: 80?gms
Product Dimensions:?16.5 x 14 x 1.5 Cm
Packaging Dimensions:?21 x 16 x 7 Cm
Package Content:?1 Pc

1.?It is suitable for wool products, thick wool fabric, fine cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters, chemical fiber clothes to remove lint, comb and shaping, suede leather clothing, suede shoes, etc. It solves the hairy balls that the duct tape can’t completely remove, and it can effectively solve all the wool pilling and cashmere balls removal problems for dry cleaners.

2. The handle is made of plastic material and the tool holder is made soft, comfortable, and durable. Flexibility is better and hairballs and lint dust are completely removed.

3. User-friendly design.

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