[WJI1243] Stainless Steel Round Drying Rack with 20 Clips


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Material: Stainless Steel
Product Weight: 310 gms
Product Dimensions: 35 x 35.5 Cm
Packaging Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 4 Cm
Package Content:?1 Pc

1.?STAINLESS STEEL The steel clothes hanger is stronger than plastic, so it is not easy to snap or break
2. Durable The clothes hanger has 20 clips to hang your items.
3. Suitable for hanging socks, towels, underwear, gloves, scarves, baby clothes, or other small and delicate items.
4. Lightweight and drinkable, you can use it in the laundry, the bathroom, Garden, or elsewhere
5. Unique Design helps save space while drying clothes.

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